06 February 2010

New Blog Launch with Andee Rudloff: Cake Conversation

Andee Rudloff and I are presenting at the National Art Education Association's national conference in April.

Communal Celebration: combining performance, teaching philosophy, the power of participation, and experience, we propose to conduct a collaborative art-making session for NAEA conference attendees in collaboration with young people from Baltimore and Nashville.

Along with the art-making session, we will be creating an installation/performance using costuming, video, soft sculpture, and participant artwork.

To kick off our project, we have started a new blog spotlighting projects that our students take part in and artwork that we make. Images of our process and influences can be found here.
Do you have a memory of cake in your life? How do you celebrate when you are with family and friends? Leave your thoughts on this blog and we'll incorporate this into our project!

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